Many people have their heads stuck in the sand and refuse to see the warning signs that trouble is pending globally and in the United States.

What harm can it be to assume that we may have a natural disaster just as we’ve been seeing recently around the U.S.? Being prepared for any event that may occur provides us peace of mind.

Society and/or will NOT be able to provide for our needs in the event of a national calamity or an economic collapse. If we wait for someone to come to our rescue like they did in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, we will not be in control of what happens to us. Chances are that we will die from lack of food, from marauders invading our property and stealing what we have stored for our families or they will mortally injure us and our families.

It makes sense to watch these videos and get some ideas of what people are doing and why. They may seem crazy and fanatical to you but I hope you will at least take some of what makes sense to you and apply it to your circumstances.


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