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Be Prepared

Mother Nature can create some havoc in our lives, such as we recently witnessed on the East Coast with Hurricane Sandy. Being prepared for rainy days that come into our lives provides us peace of mind. We at Rainy Day Food Storage can help you be prepared when you take advantage of our discounts on Wise Food Emergency Kits.

Lethal Surprise

Well, hard to believe, but Obama somehow won the election. Now many of us are concerned about what the future …Read the Rest

Rainy Day Food–Emergency Food Storage

One day the way we live our lives will change and we won’t know what hit us. Will you have food and water stored to care for your family? What’ll you do? My advice is Be Ready, Have a Plan, Work the Plan!

Why Does Obama Want to Control Our Food Storage and Growing It?

Watch this video and then answer the question: “Why does the LEFT want control over our food”? Pay attention to what the government is doing to some people and do nothing to the scumbags in government that steal our money. It is appalling that this stuff is going on in the United States of America!!!

URGENT — INFO to Read Now!

Super scary info that you probably don’t know. Former presidential candidate, founder of the U.S. Labor Party and co-founder of the Schiller Institute in Germany, Lyndon LaRouche talks with Alex on the Thursday, March 22 edition of the Alex Jones Show. Mr. LaRouche talks about Obama’s martial law executive order and other recent political developments.

For God so loved the world that Ge gave His only begotten son so that justice will be served through …Read the Rest

FEMA Mass Graves?

This is absolutely frightening if it’s true. There is the same scene in Phoenix AZ, California, and Houston. What are they for if not for mass graves? You tell me. Watch these videos and then you decide what it is.

Massive Concrete Tombs Prepared in Phoenix, AZ and California — FEMA Coffins

What Is Martial Law?

Martial Law is when the government takes control by military authorities over the civilian population. It is used in extreme situation to control society during war or periods of civil unrest or chaos. It has only taken Obama three years to ruin America and commit the impossible coup that nobody would have seen coming.

  Be aware that the narration of this video may sound unbelievable to you but I caution you to listen …Read the Rest

Is There Anything Else You Need to Know?

Bet You Missed This Announcement! Yes, You Should Be Worried! How Much More Do You Need to Know Before You Believe It? Stop Waiting and Get Prepared NOW!