Do you have any idea (realistically) of what the price will be for standing up as a patriot against this administration’s goals and New World Order?

Do you know what price your family will pay for what you say and do ?

What makes me ask these questions is a posting I saw on Facebook today.  The post was about the Texas Nationalist Movement and how to achieve Texas independence: Tarrant County Texas Nationalist Informational Meeting.  As I started to make a post about it on Facebook, I received a lot of flack from a family member about it and here’s why.

Tell me how Texas can become independent without bringing down Obama’s wrath on everyone who signs the petition to secede?  HAS ANYONE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT QUESTION AND FOUND ANSWERS?

We are not the same U.S. we used to be.  Heck, even the Judges on the bench of the Supreme Court and Congressional Representatives are afraid of him and back down when he pressures them.  How do we do this without bringing down Obama’s people on our families, extended family members, and our friends?

We do not have the same protection under the Constitution as we used to have because this is not the same America today that we believe we lived in four years ago.  Almost daily, America is becoming more like a police state and government controlled and so it may be too late already to do this now.  They have come too far along in achieving their goals while we were all asleep and believing that America will always be free and never fall.  I used to believe that way four years ago, until I started to figure out the Master Plan.

All I had to do was understand that Obama and his cohorts DO NOTHING BY MISTAKE.  Everything is choreographed and planned out ahead of time and it’s played out almost without flaw.  I started to wonder why Obama would do this or that; is he that stupid?  Slowly I began to see the plan and understand why they did the things that didn’t make sense at the time.

We will ALL HAVE TO BE UNITED and do it together or not do it at all.  I am a patriot and have been sounding the alarm for years but now, all I have done is put my family in danger…I don’t care about me and what they do to me but they go after the families of those who are an influence.  So if you do this thing and step out, you’d better be ready and accept that it’s your family who will pay the price more than you.  You may be willing to what what it takes but are your family members willing? I just took a whole lot of angry rhetoric from one family member when he heard about me writing this comment.  In fact, he is the one who has caused me to express these concerns.  So think hard about it before you step into this fight!


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I Am America – Krista Branch

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Many Americans have been frustrated that nobody in government or the FBI is willing to do a thing about Obama’s illegal actions.  The birth certificate is just one of many things that has people upset and makes them believe that Obama is NOT eligible to be President.  It’s one thing for government to be corrupt, but it’s another when our own President is the epitome of corruption.


According to a new report from the Institute for Energy Research, the United States has as much as a 250 year supply of oil in the form of 1.7 trillion barrels of recoverable oil. That’s an amazing figure, though to be fair the analysis is static assuming a constant 7 billion barrels per year consumption rate. As we know, the trend for oil consumption in America over time is generally upward.


Should we be afraid, as an American, to speak out against our government? Absolutely, we should be afraid because this administration is dangerous. This President has a list and is prepared to do harm to those who speak out!


Perhaps the following video explains what Obama is preparing for in the near future. Build up to WW3 – CIA Predicts War By April, May, or June! Iran Pledges Revenge Against EU Embargo. We know Panetta already stated that he and President Obama do not need Congress authorization to bomb Syria but to NATO and the United Nations.”


Obama’s Master Plan is for government to control most aspects of our lives. He and the elite believe they know what we need and what’s best for us?  Everything Obama does points to this fact and to everything he plans to do in the future.


Could the reason for government wanting our guns is to usher in New World Order?

Could the reason for government wanting our guns is to usher in New World Order?

Did you see this email yet. I received it on December 2nd and just got around to reading it. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do now. This is another evil global plot to take away our guns, but it is very sneaky. That’s the only way they can get away with it.


I am so sick and tired of the Democrats and this President passing the buck, blaming everyone but themselves for this economy and the high jobless numbers — never mind that it has all been orchestrated according to the Master Plan.

Then the President gets in front of a news camera and says publicly that people are tired of the situation. They are losing their homes because they have no jobs. Yes, Mr. President, we know people have no jobs and they are ticked-off. We also know who they need to blame , he is the one standing in front of the camera inferring it’s not him but the banks and greedy corporations who are to blame. We know who is really behind it all — it’s YOU!


Those promoting Progressive Liberalism are enemies to the American Way of Life. This means Capitalism and self-reliance, on which America has thrived throughout the years, is now being traded for Socialism and/or Communism/Maoism/Marxism. …Judith Sherman 8/21/11

As outrageous as this statement may sound to you or as far-fetched as this type of governing system may seem, this form of government is already becoming part of the American way of life. There is NO QUESTION that what I’ve just described is coming in the very near future, but what you may not know is that this is happening to America right now! And worse, it’s happening right under our noses.


Help us Restore America! Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I say all these unemployment and economic woes are part of the Master Plan for the downfall of America and for ushering in New World Order.

It’s All Part of The Design to Break American Independence and World Dominance! As Americans, we cannot continue to prosper if we accept a global form of government that has been designed for us by the Elite.


Obama is NOT a friend of the American People! How many times do I have to say it before you believe me?

What more proof do you need than paying attention to the outright lies Obama is telling the American people? He is playing politics right now, all he can think about is re-election and that’s all he cares about.

A perfect example of Obama politics is his Sunday speech. Did you hear it? He put all the blame on Republicans, saying the debt ceiling crisis is Republicans fault for not budging on raising taxes and giving the President a blank check to spend. Doesn’t it sound like the real problem is with Democrats who refuse to cut spending? Weren’t they the same who ran government for a year without a budget? Hum, doesn’t seem they care much about budgets.


I will try to answer the question that was asked recently: “Who Killed the Dollar”? It’s a good question, which is why I have researched this topic for the past year. Perhaps the following information will help you understand who is behind it, why, and what is happening in the process


What is the Master Plan here, if it’s true that everything Obama and this administration does is part of the Plan? Could the President and Holder really be this lame on purpose or by accident? I think not, so what might really be behind this mess?

You should also read my report on May 8, 2011 when the story first broke. …US Is In The Gun Trafficking Business.

Some of the answers are in this video. Be prepared though, it’s 40 minutes long. You need to watch the video anyway, and I hope you will watch it in full.


Although the circumstances in the video below are old news, actions taken by our own President to control energy production proves that he is not really interested in the welfare of the American people. What he really cares about is the progressive agenda of globalization and One World Government.

The video proves that Obama is not interested in protecting clean air from coal and oil, but in redistribution of who produces the energy and who we are forced to buy it from.


We reached the debt ceiling limit of $14.3 trillion dollars on May 16, but nothing devastating happened? Why? What did we expect would happen? Did we expect the government would shut down because it was out of money? Did we expect the government would be in default of it’s debts to the world?


Take the past several reports and put them together. Do you see a picture forming of what is coming down the pike in the next few months. The bottom line here is that the better we understand our situation and do the best we can to negotiate through the potholes and road blocks we face, the better we will survive the future as it comes upon us.


If you’ve been reading my blogs for some time, by now you should realize that the Master Plan is to drive America into collapse.  The dollar will be devalued even more and the result is out-of-control-hyper-inflation. This will bring about a new world currency and New World Order.  Every single policy that Obama moves through as President, either by Executive Order or by control of the Senate, brings us closer to this goal.


Barack Obama will be the last President of the UNITED States of America. There is a civil war brewing and it will cause the break-up of the Union. It will hinge on the birther movement which is going to spawn …


Pay close attention to this post because you need to hear this: we are on the verge of our demise and the overthrow of America. Obama and Progressive Liberals in Washington have a Master Plan and everything they do is perfectly choreographed. Nothing they do is a mistake.



Here is a little taste of reality for you, are you ready? I promise, you won’t like it one bit. It will shake your foundation and many of your beliefs. It may even give you a sense of loss and fear for the future. I’m sorry about that but I am confident this is our future if we cannot find a way to change it.


There are 600 FEMA Prison Camps in America right now! Did you know that? Ask yourself why we need 600 FEMA Prison Camps in America that are fully functional in a moment’s notice?

What is Government expecting? Why are they afraid citizens might rise up against them? Hum, makes you think doesn’t it? If it doesn’t give you a moment of pause then why not? What is the matter with you when it is looking at you straight in the face and still you don’t see it for what it is?


The question I asked on my forum at StandUpPatriots.com was “What Will You Do When The Dollar Crashes” and these are the responses I received. You might find them interesting and may want to contribute to this discussion.

  • http://standuppatriots.com/2010/07/27/hello-patriots/  Together we can take back America. With strength in numbers, we can stand up as Patriots and tell Washington we are watching them and that we will replace them if necessary.  Our country is in a crisis right now, yet we have the power to restore the value that have disappeared by starting within our own homes.  Teach our children and grandchildren about patriotism, about the flag, about the sacrifices of those who have fought to give us our freedom and protect what we have, and about our Founding Fathers.
  • http://standuppatriots.com/2010/10/16/are-you-a-patriot-2/We can keep the American Spirit alive as we get involved in our communities, as we stand for the Founding Principles that made this nation strong, and as we commit to using our voice to protect our way of life.


Why would Obama Plan to crash America? Listed to this video. It will help you connect the dots and see the master plan. Listen to what he says about the banks. It is very enlightening. Of course people won’t believe a word of this and have lots to say about it being propaganda. That’s okay, this message is not for them. I want you to know what is on the horizon and hopefully, you will be able to make plans to help you through it. I am sure we will all suffer tremendously from this, but some will suffer more than others.


We need to be very concerned about protecting democracy as we know it. Can you envision living a life with purpose and meaning the way you want to without freedom in America?

Freedom is a vital part of how we enjoy happiness and peace of mind. I am concerned about how fragile this freedom is becoming today. You know what I mean, don’t you?

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