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I do not necessarily agree with everything in this video but there are many points I do think are beneficial for you. Take what you think will apply to your situation and do with it the way you see fit.

I have to admit that I have not done all that I can or need to do and neither will most of you be able to do all you can. The point is that I am aware of what I need to do and I am working on it, just as you are aware of it and are now doing something in working toward being as prepared as you can be with what you have available to you.

We cannot all be able to bug-out in a moments notice or have some place with a bunker in it to where we can run when the “SHTF”, but we can do what we can with what resources we have available. However, it will all be to no avail if we do not take it serious and put it in the forefront of priorities . . . and that’s a fact!

I have food storage in cans and plastic containers (some have had to be thrown out because they have gone bad), and I do have problems with storage space, so I hooked up with Wise Food (as seen on Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic’s Channel) and as a distributor, I sell at discounted prices.

If you buy from me, you can be sure to pay less than retail price and you also help me with my own preparations. Whether you buy from Wise Food, Stormy Days Food (my store) or some other storage place, the important thing is to just do it and do it now.

Published on Mar 12, 2013

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE May Happen Within the Next 3 – 6 Months 2013

astromanism 2 days ago

always remember you can’t eat gold and silver but you can grow food in dirt…So what is actually worth more??

astrogoat 4 days ago

Gold and silver? I sold all of mine, put the money into my farm. Get out of the big [cities] and into the rural areas while you still can and learn to grow your own food and be self-reliant. Brass, lead, blued steel and gun propellant are the only “precious” metals worth having.  The economic collapse of which you speak will destroy the system of international and regional trade and crash the system as a whole. Millions will starve.


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