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Prepare For Doomsday or Whatever is Ahead Archives for April 3rd, 2013

Red Dawn

Does This movie look familiar: It should! It is a remake of the movie by the same name in 1989.  This movie is not suggesting that we fight our own countrymen and government, the setting is fighting foreign invasions.  Please do not construe the meaning of this posting in any other way. Notice the Fox News ticker tape that speaks right now of threats from North Korea. This video is in timely manner!

Newsmax Reports Obama’s 23 Executive Orders on Guns

You should find these actions interesting, considering most of which should be or could be covered under State Laws or perhaps by the United Nations. Are you prepared for a U.S. President to make Executive Orders such as these on our Guns, and should he or the United Nations be the one to order such laws?

10 Things to Do Before an Economical Collapse

I have to admit that I have not done all that I can or need to do and neither will most of you be able to do all you can. The point is that I am aware of what I need to do and I am working on it, just as you are aware of it and are now doing something in working toward being as prepared as you can be with what you have available to you.

They Want A Revolution and Civil War

Those who are against what is going on in Washington have to make it clear to everyone we meet that we are to make changes legally and spiritedly without the show of force and rebellion. That will be the hardest thing we have to do as citizens, but necessary; otherwise, any group gatherings can be infiltrated and create a situation that leads to violence. Keep in mind the TEA Party gatherings that had trouble makers in their crowd.

UN Gun Treaty

“Agreeing to the treaty does more than trample Second Amendment rights. It also threatens to erode all liberties guaranteed to Americans in the Constitution by establishing the precedent that the UN has some level of authority to govern our lives.”