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Prepare For Doomsday or Whatever is Ahead Articles in March, 2013

X CALIBER Shotgun Gauge Adapter Field Test

In an extreme survival situation where the appropriate amount of ammunition for the type of firearm you’re carrying can’t necessarily be guaranteed, what would you do? Carry multiple types of firearms to increase your chances of coming across ammo you can use? You could do that, or you could have an adapter system that comes in a handy pouch that allows one 12-gauge shotgun to take 11 different types of ammunition.

Video: 20 Dark Predictions for 2013-15

2013 will go down in history as the year of global insanity. The Earth isn’t going crazy, but many of the people who inhabit it certainly are. Madness is about to be unleashed on many fronts: economic, social, political, financial and more. In the near future, you will look back on the Christmas of 2012 and think, “Wow, those were the GOOD times!”

No Question About Where Obama Stands With Israel

Mike Evans email reports the following: “The next few weeks will be literally some of the most critical times in the entire modern existence of the nation of Israel. The Jewish state is surrounded by enemies. We must stand for God’s Chosen People now as never before.

Prediction of Biggest Financial Crisis in History

Please find below a special message from our sponsor, Stansberry Research. They have some important information to share with you. This is an mail I received today from MoneyNews.com. It is up to you to listen and then decide for yourself if this information is valid. If you believe it, then what is keeping you from taking care of your food storage and financial preparations? Please don’t be naive and think financial disaster can’t happen in America. Also, don’t be lulled by government and political parties telling you things are getting better — THINGS ARE NOT GETTING BETTER — it’s a smoke screen and nothing more than a magic trick to make you think all is well in America.

Government Involved in Selling and Buying Guns and Drugs

Alex Jones made a video about government involved in drug and weapons trafficking but, surprise surprise, it has been removed from YouTube – just as everything does that makes Obama look bad. His Internet Czar is doing his job well!