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Prepare For Doomsday or Whatever is Ahead Articles in February, 2013

Massive Asteroid Flying Past Earth

Some DOOMSDAY PREPPERS worry about another country using an EMP (electric magnetic pulse) to attack America or that something from space will cause problems. There are many of us who laugh at the prospects of such a thing happening. They believe that the likelihood of an asteroid or huge meteor hitting the hearth in our lifetime is slim to none so they do not think about it or plan for it until now. This week a huge meteor hit the Earth just a few hours before an asteroid buzzed by us. So now we have converts to the idea of making preparations.

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This Video Says It All



This video makes the point that the 2nd Amendment is not about controlling assault weapons or about guns used for hunting. It is about our right to protect ourselves from mobs and government. I could not have made the point more clearly than this woman did.

Peace in Trials

Trials are going to be trying, just as the word implies, but being at peace during them is not impossible. …Read the Rest