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Prepare For Doomsday or Whatever is Ahead Articles in December, 2012


Christmas begins with Christ and don’t forget it.

Maya Underworld: The Real Doomsday (National Geographic)

Venturing into vast underwater graveyards of Mayan human sacrifices in Mexico, journalist Diego Buñuel searches for new revelations about the infamous upcoming doomsday. Using groundbreaking National Geographic technology, Diego and a team of archaeologists will literally light up the abyss to explore these underwater tombs and gain key insight into why some believe the Maya may have predicted an impending apocalypse.

Be Prepared

Mother Nature can create some havoc in our lives, such as we recently witnessed on the East Coast with Hurricane Sandy. Being prepared for rainy days that come into our lives provides us peace of mind. We at Rainy Day Food Storage can help you be prepared when you take advantage of our discounts on Wise Food Emergency Kits.